Red Bull Cliff Diving

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Red Bull Cliff Diving
5G Audiolizer – from research to practice.

Imagine you are watching one of your favorite sport events on TV, online or live on site and you will get even deeper insights into what is happening. For example, how your favorite athlete is feeling right now, what stress this or a direct competitor is currently exposed to.

Anyone wondering what the athletes were wearing on their arms at Red Bull Cliff Diving 2021 can be told that it is a coin-sized biosensor that was fixed with an arm band.

This sensor uses the latest 5G network technology to transmit the heartbeat to a TV broadcast van. The heartbeat is also output acoustically on site, which is why it is much more exciting for the audience and the athletes.

Hearing the sound of one's own heartbeat or that of the competitors on site was a special experience for the athletes as well. We are very pleased that we were able to develop a system from a research project that now also works out-of-the-box in media use.

The 5G audiolizer and sensor data system have passed the practical test and can now be adapted very quickly for other requirements and sports. We look forward to further challenges and innovative events!

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