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ABIOS is perfectly suited for teams that want to achieve top performance.

Explore your limits with ABIOS without crossing them!

The successful solution to …

  • avoid overload and overtraining
  • optimise training and regeneration
  • retrieve more performance at the right time

“Before the introduction of HRV coaching on ABIOS diagnostics in 2017 we were No. 8 in the World Tour Ranking and in 2018 we improved to third place! Of course, this is not only due to the HRV control, but it is already clear to see that the athletes are less at risk of infection and simply more efficient …” more about:Bora hansgrohe Coach Helmut Dollinger

“”I take a short measurement directly after getting up with the ABIOS-App… My trainer can constantly control my training from home and adjust it accordingly…” more about: Professional Triathlete Lukas Hollaus

My tour on the Untersberg… “Little training in the preparation, good feeling during the ascent, physical stress well controlled with my ABIOS App … Sleep in the following night…” more about: How I didn’t provoke any overload during my tour.

“I have been running with ABIOS since the beginning of the year and have been able to increase my performance from run to run. Meanwhile I can also track this in numbers… “more about: How I could increase my performance from run to run

“In order to meet the professional and physical requirements in the best possible way, I have been using the HRV from ABIOS daily for 1.5 years. It shows me when I have to change down a gear, but it also shows me…” more: How I have learned to read my body and its signals even better.    


The ABIOS technology is based on many years of experience in the development and application of a [...]

Training, or better regenerating?

ABIOS supports you during training as well as regeneration!

The athlete’s biodata is recorded via the mobile app. The training can be individually controlled and optimized using real-time feedback for the coach and the athlete on the current training level.

This prevents the athlete from exercising too fast, too much or under his power.

The live measurement shows the current recovery and stress level in real time and in which pulse zone the person is currently training.

quick visibility and detailed analysis

The ABIOS web portal offers quick overviews as well as detailed data analysis.

The trainer can see from the analysis in the portal whether the athlete has sufficient recovery and regeneration during rest periods. If there is a danger of overtraining, the coach can intervene immediately and, for example, prescribe lighter exercise units.

If the trainer notices that the athlete still has “air to the top”, he can intensify the training and thus bring the athlete individually and safely to his limits.

Further information

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Sports federations, professional teams and dedicated amateur coaches already use ABIOS to bring their teams to top performances!

 Bora hansgrohe – German Professional Cycling

 Austrian triathlon association

Salzburg triathlon association

 KM sportcoaching

and numerous international competitive and professional athletes

Even the athletes of the ABIOS Pro Squads team train daily with the ABIOS technology!

Training and regeneration are optimised with an ECG-accurate measurement of heart rhythms in the morning. With the additional live measurement procedure, the athlete measures his status in real time during training. A specially developed app shows the athlete and the trainer, no matter where they are, how relaxed or stressed the athlete is. The HRV sleep analysis also checks whether a rest day is necessary. This allows athletes and coaches to optimize the training perfectly.

*Note: For all users of the ABIOS technology in consulting and coaching, we expect state-approved education in sports and/or health.

ABIOS diagnostics is a sports scientific method and is based on many years of experience and knowledge in pulse and heart rate variability diagnostics and does not replace any medical examination, consultation and treatment!