Bachelor Thesis Impact Room

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Bachelor Thesis Impact Room
The "Red Bull Impact Room" concept dealt with the collection of emotions in sport. The usability requirements for a prototype for capturing emotions were developed as part of Thomas Aitzetmüller's bachelor's thesis and as part of a research and development project by the Red Bull Media House. ABIOS developed the prototype of a tablet application for this purpose.

The "Impact Room" app (see image) allows athletes to evaluate sporting activities emotionally afterwards. A video recording of the activity is played and the athlete can enter their emotional state at the same time. On the one hand, the inputs can be replayed synchronously with the video, on the other hand, the data can be exported for further processing.

Aitzetmüller, Thomas: Usability Evaluation des Konzeptes „Red Bull Impact Room“ an den Sportarten „Downhill Mountain Biking“ und „Bouldern“ (Bachelor Thesis). University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, 2019.

Aitzetmüller, Thomas: Nutzerzentrierte Entwicklung einer „Emotion Awareness“ Applikation im Sport (Projektbericht). University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, 2020.