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ABIOS Sport Diagnostic

Training or rather regenerate?

The ABIOS Partner App accompanies you during training and regeneration. The training can be individually controlled and adjusted using real-time feedback. Coaches and athletes get real-time feedback on the current heart rate, the degree of exertion or relaxation (heart rate range and HRV measurement). This prevents the athlete from regenerating too little or not training in the right area.

Schnelle Einblicke und detaillierte Analysen

In addition to the app, the ABIOS web portal enables a quick overview and in-depth data analysis. Based on the evaluations, the coach can see in detail how stressful the training measures were, whether the planned recovery periods are sufficient or whether the training and regeneration need to be adjusted.

If there is a risk of overtraining, the coach can intervene immediately and, for example, specify easier training units until the athlete's status improves based on data. If the coach notices from the measurements that the athlete still has "room for improvement", he can intensify the training and thus bring the athlete to his or her performance limit individually and safely.

The data is automatically synchronized into the ABIOS web portal, where an activity archive gives access to expert views for analysis and interpretation.
Both coaches and athletes can view and manage results via a user hierarchy.

More success, less overload and a better immune system through targeted monitoring!

Example from the daily use of ABIOS sports diagnostics

  • With a morning 3-minute measurement (short-term measurement) of the heart rhythm, the subsequent training and recovery is optimized.
  • The live display tells the athlete their status in real time during training.
  • The ABIOS Partner App shows the athlete and the coach, no matter where they are, how recovered or how stressed the athlete is.
  • The HRV sleep analysis can also be used to check whether a rest day is necessary. Athletes and coaches can use it to perfect their training.

    NOTE: The ABIOS diagnostics is a sports science procedure and is based on many years of experience and knowledge of pulse and heart rate variability diagnostics and does not replace a medical examination, advice and treatment.