ABIOS Lactate Analysis

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ABIOS Lactate Analysis

The ABIOS lactate evaluation for coaches allows data-based performance training. The data series and visualizations are highly customizable and the interface is easy to understand. The focus of the diagnostics are lactate values from which evaluations can be generated in combination with other measured values such as pulse, power or various sensor data. In addition, the tests of individual athletes can be compared both historically and with other athletes.

The evaluation can be used with the same range of functions on the desktop and on mobile devices. This allows convenient data acquisition even when out and about in the field. The evaluation takes place in real time and is available globally. A selection of possible parameters:

  • Time
  • Speed
  • Lactate
  • Heartrate
  • BPM (beats per minute, steps per minute, beat frequency)
  • Watt (run, bike, power meter)
  • Ground contact time
  • Stride length

Combine various data sources with just a few clicks and draw the conclusions that form the basis for your training control! Want to know more? Request a demo now!