ABIOS Health Diagnostic

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ABIOS Health Diagnostic

The advice and support tool

The ABIOS app supports coaches, therapists and healthcare facilities in client care.

The effective solution to:

  • recognize overload and stress,
  • to evaluate burnout symptoms,
  • to support preventive measures,
  • Provide evidence-based advice and
  • to increase the well-being of clients in care facilities.

Offer your clients successful advice based on facts or provide your employees with a modern tool for health promotion in your facility. Record bio (pulse, heart rate variability) and movement data with the ABIOS Partner App and document the information in the ABIOS web portal.

ABIOS is secure and GDPR compliant. With your expertise and ABIOS health diagnostics, you increase the vitality and well-being of your clients.

Application example: elderly care and in health care facilities

You record the daily routine, sleep or certain situations of your clients or residents using measuring hardware (armor or chest band sensor or ECG adhesive electrodes). With the ABIOS Partner App you can see in real time how the vegetative status is, which leads to stress or well-being. With long-term measurements (12h, 24h or sleep measurements) and the documentation in the web portal, you can see which measures have a positive or negative effect on the vegetative system.

Exemplary use:

With a 3-minute measurement of the heart rhythms, you can document individual situations from therapy sessions or from the daily routine selectively and in a standardized manner and thus recognize the psycho-physical stress.

Longer-term measurements can be used in specific situations such as manual therapies and other interventions and document the status during and after the intervention. The results can be discussed in the care team and the respective treatment can be optimized.

From individual experiences, HRV diagnostics can even provide insights into the stress and well-being status of people who have lost their ability to communicate (severe dementia, etc.).

With people who were no longer able to show any reactions when visiting relatives, it was possible to use HRV measurements to show that, for example, conversations, reading aloud or touching led to changes in HRV values and thus in perception. Happy quote from a relative when looking at the readings during a visit:

Grandpa will notice that I'm there anyway!

If nursing homes often have little or no information about their residents, ABIOS health diagnostics can also be used to test which music relaxes or activates, whether the position of the bed, the situation and much more have a positive effect.

Application example: coaching and therapy based on facts

You pass on a measurement set (smartphone with pre-installed app and measurement sensor) to your client. Your client measures their status in practice or at home and you get access to their measurement results via the ABIOS web portal.

You can see at a glance how your clients are doing and what has a positive or negative effect on their vegetative system. Using comprehensive statistics on HRV diagnostics, you can identify hidden connections and get to the bottom of symptoms. ABIOS health diagnostics enables you to provide targeted and individual assistance. Use your expertise even better and support your clients based on facts.

Exemplary use:

With a 3-minute measurement of the heart rhythms in the morning, your client can measure their daily level of recovery and, if necessary, change the daily routine.

Your client measures their status during the intervention/therapy and you can adjust this for them in real time or see how the autonomic nervous system reacts to it.

The HRV sleep analysis can also be used to check whether there is a deeper disorder or chronic overload.

Long-term measurements over 12h, 24h (or even more) can give you deeper insights into the daily routine. In this way, stress factors can be identified and treated in a targeted manner.


NOTE: The ABIOS diagnostics is a sports science procedure and is based on many years of experience and knowledge of pulse and heart rate variability diagnostics and does not replace a medical examination, advice and treatment.