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5G Box
5G Box for the acquisition and transmission of biodata in real time

ABIOS developed a 5G box for the 5G standard to achieve minimal response time and high reliability for transferring biodata of competitive athletes between two devices and positions. This box contains all the necessary hardware components and information to transmit sensor data from a user/athlete to a receiver (e.g. TV radio truck with a play-out system).

The box is designed in such a way that the 5G applications can also be used by less tech-savvy users with a very low threshold, the system is easy to use and everything works "out-of-the-box".

Use Case: An athlete rides a piece of sports equipment down a slope at an event. The event will be filmed by a TV crew and broadcast live to viewers.

Not only the classic information such as driving time and moderator's comment should be transmitted, but also the heartbeat of the actor or the actor in real time as an audio stream or visualization from the director.

Also note the projects Red Bull Cliff Diving or Red Bull Bassline for the practical application of the developed technology.

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