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We collect bio- and sensor data and synchronize them to media.

Highlight your videos and reporting with exciting data for the viewer! With the ABIOS system athletes are equipped with sensors at sporting events and mass spectacles. This allows you to display and comment live on interesting data, such as stress levels, strain and acceleration.

The effective complete solution for…

  • extended content in media
  • more info about “behind the scenes”
  • support from data recording, synchronization to post-production deployment

More about

The ABIOS technology is based on many years of experience in the development and application of a diagnostic system for competitive athletes (HRV-Coaching, 2001) and the extension of the application for the health sector (Cardio24, 2012). The basic [...]

We get the data to the image

ABIOS collects and synchronizes: Videos with pulse, heart rate variability (HRV), stress, relaxation, breathing, ECG, GPS, speed, rotation, inclination and many more data that can be recorded and imported via sensors.

For post-production ABIOS offers a comprehensive solution to view, play and export the recorded data in common formats (e.g. for graphic editing).

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