Offer your clients successful advice based on facts or provide your employees with a modern tool for health promotion! Collect bio- (pulse,  HRV, SO2) as well as movement data with the ABIOS App.

You can see your real time results via the app while details can be viewed and managed in the ABIOS web portal.

The ABIOS system is very versatile. Below you can see an extract of some features.

The effective solution to…

  • recognize overwork and stress
  • evaluate burnout symptoms
  • prevent burnout
  • provide evidence-based consultation

“It has been proven for me with this, my little helper tells me reliably how I really feel, even if I don’t completely admit it to myself…” so I don’t go beyond my limits anymore

” I tried it myself – and had an extraordinary aha-experience: The test using heart rate variability (HRV) with the help of the ABIOS app has shown: What is commonly classified as relaxation does NOT relax me!..” to the personal aha-experience

“With ABIOS I found out what is effective in bringing me down and relaxing. I tried that right away during the next exam. For example, it’s not beneficial…”  how I can keep a cool head in an exam situation

ABIOS Health

The ABIOS technology is based on many years of experience in the development and application of a diagnostic system for competitive athletes (HRV-Coaching, 2001) and the extension of the application for the health sector (Cardio24, 2012). The basic [...]

coaching/therapy/training based on facts

As a coach/therapist/trainer you have access to the recorded data. In the ABIOS Online Portal you can see at a single glance what your client has done and how this has affected his or her vegetative system.

Using comprehensive statistics on HRV diagnostics, you can expand your knowledge and discover otherwise hidden relationships.

The ABIOS system enables you to provide targeted and individual assistance. Make even better use of your expertise and support your clients on the basis of facts.

adapted evaluations for workplace health care

We support employers and their employees with ABIOS Life Diagnostics in workplace health care. Information on the measurements of the employees is made available to the employer via anonymous, statistical evaluations.

With the ABIOS system you can determine which areas, activities, shift work or other activities are particularly stressful and have a negative effect on vitality and well-being. This allows you to redesign the working environment based on concrete data so that your employees recover more efficiently and pursue their work with greater well-being and vitality.

Before and after analyses are used to determine which actions are best suited for sustainable, positive change. 

Employees are offered the opportunity to get support in the form of supporting, focused coaching, as long as the project is not accompanied by industrial psychologists and physicians anyway.

Therefore more well-being as well as an improved working environment contribute to a reduction in medical costs, less fluctuation and a high image of the company.

recording of the ACTUAL status

Your client is equipped with the ABIOS diagnostic system and records his day. He himself can control at any time how his activities affect his psycho-physical balance.

Further information

Interested in ABIOS technology? Contact us and we will be happy to send you further information or provide you with personal advice…



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Health Diary

ABIOS uses a number of the latest technologies, including measurements of pulse and  heart rate variability (HRV).

functionality of the app

functionality of the webportal

*Note: For all users of the ABIOS technology in consulting and coaching, we expect state-approved education in sports and/or health.

ABIOS diagnostics is a sports scientific method and is based on many years of experience and knowledge in pulse and heart rate variability diagnostics and does not replace any medical examination, consultation and treatment!