The ABIOS technology is based on many years of experience in the development and application of a diagnostic system for competitive athletes (HRV-Coaching, 2001) and the extension of the application for the health sector (Cardio24, 2012). The basic technology is a result of the analysis of heart rate (pulse) and heart rate variability (HRV).

Over many years of use and further development of the technology, essential information and data could be obtained and incorporated into the implementation of a modern application. Algorithms, a mobile software solution (app) and a web platform provide users with information on their vital status, load, stress and recovery level.

The development of the technology led to the foundation of ABIOS GmbH in 2015. With the ABIOS – Algorithmic BIOdata System it was possible to raise the basic technology to a new level and to develop additional solutions with a competent IT and science team.

ABIOS is now able to provide its customers and partners a platform where they can access existing solutions for mobile (app) bio- and sensor data collection and a clear web portal. In addition, the existing service can be amended with customized solutions and linked via APIs . Further, it can also be designed as a stand-alone application.

We would like to briefly present an extract of our main areas of sports applications below…

Sport teams und professional athletes use the method to monitor training and success in competition. Athletes can check their recovery level by daily morning measurements (3-4min) while lying down. The data is automatically transferred to a web portal, where trainers can immediately view the status of their athletes and adjust the training accordingly. In the case of conspicuous results, a long-term measurement is usually carried out, where athletes then monitor their degree of stress and recovery during and between training sessions. In this way it can be ensured that training only takes place when it makes sense and at the right intensity. Athletes can also do a sleep measurement and thereby obtain even more information about their degree of recovery.

A live tracking function enables the trainers to carry out real-time monitoring even over long distances. Users can make their data available to coaches via a security code. Users and trainers can exchange biodata and optimize an activity (training etc.). This is especially important for athletes who are e.g. in a training camp and whose coaches cannot be present. This way, trainers can accompany their athletes virtually from home and intervene immediately in the event of irregularities.

Many other application areas are possible – as already implemented several times for customers, we also realize interface or IT customized solutions.